23 février 2006

English only

Just some news from my trip in UK, i'm stil using the wifi access of the bed and breackfast where we are sleeping. I will be in London tomorrow where they just have decided to launch a wiFi internet network throughout London's financial centre. This wiFi network will be installed in existing street furniture including lamp posts and street signs, allowing City workers and visitors with WiFi-enabled devices to access the internet on streets and in open spaces.

The city of Cambridge is very beautiful even if it's snowing a bit. My sony digital camera does not allow the transfert of my photos to the computer that's why i can't publish them. However i have succeded the sending of a little vidéo i have shot during the crossing in boat. Enjoy !

from Calais to Dover

2 commentaires:

nicoparc a dit…

coucou de la part de moi et ma caro, et nous te souhaitons un bon voyage, sur ce FABULEUX bateau!!! j'espère que ton trajet n'aura pas été trop humide...la manche est capricieuse, alors lève les bras (HAHAHA réfléchis tu finiras par comprendre), aller bye bye rosbeef!

pouf.le.kaskadeur a dit…

héhé c'est vrai que le voyage n'était pas de tout repos, surtout pour mon estomac !